Swedesboro, NJ Commercial Architectural Canopies

Swedesboro, NJ Aluminum Commercial Canopies


Design Canopies offers commercial canopies for businesses in Swedesboro, NJ. With a solid aluminum base, our designs are made to last. Cloth awnings can be a nuisance, constantly having to be taken down and put back up in the case of storms. With our durable canopies, you can enjoy relief from the sun and the weather.

 We have a variety of different models and colors. Certain models are better suited for different purposes. For example, we have a post supported canopy that makes a great addition to walkway entrances. We can help you settle on a color and model that best fits your company’s facilities.




Swedesboro, NJ Top-Quality Architectural Canopies

We create custom architectural canopies personalized to your company’s exterior. First, we create a custom extension in the model and color you choose. Then, we put it together with pre-engineered systems that have been tested to support your extension.

With the help of our licensed engineers, we can always create a custom, quality architectural canopy that will protect your facility year round. We take all safety precautions and make sure your canopy is up-to-date on local regulations in Swedesboro.




Swedesboro, NJ Architectural Canopies
Swedesboro, NJ Commercial Canopies


 Swedesboro is a borough in Gloucester County, New Jersey. Swedesboro was originally settled as part of New Sweden in the mid 1600’s. The borough is described as small, yet metropolitan. The walkable town features unique shops and dining experiences as well as historical sites. The town has been preserved for its historical landmarks and unique architecture.

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