Scranton, PA Commercial Architectural Canopies


Many of Scranton’s tourist attractions honor the city’s history as a major producer of coal and iron as well as its ethnic variety. The Lackawant to Steel Company, which was founded by the Scranton family, and the city’s original industry are both represented by the Scranton Iron Furnaces.

The Northeast’s railroad past is to be preserved at Steamtown National Historic Site. Streetcar history from Pennsylvania is preserved and operated by the Electric City Trolley Museum.

La Festa Italiana, a three-day Italian festival, has been held annually on the courthouse square in Scranton since the 1970s. The celebration was originally scheduled to take place around Columbus Day, but it was changed because Octobers in Scranton are typically frigid.

Scranton, Pa Top-Quality Canopies

Our entire canopy system’s components are all intended to function in harmony with one another. The linking points go above and above what is required by law in terms of security measures.

Our technology is capable of managing any load scenario throughout the entire continent when necessary.
We hire a qualified engineer in each of the 50 states to ensure that the product is fair and well-designed.

For your business property in Scranton, Pennsylvania, we combine our own, custom-built extrusions with pre-engineered, patented systems to deliver a smooth, integrated solution. Others prefer to use a completely formed canopy system, while some individuals like to purchase pre-made components and piece them together, occasionally using portions that don’t fit.


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Top-Quality Canopies in Scranton, PA

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