Reading, PA Commercial Architectural Canopies


The county seat and largest city in Berks County, Pennsylvania, is Reading. It is the fourth-largest city in Pennsylvania by population after Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Allentown, with 95,112 residents as of the 2020 census.

The city, which lies roughly halfway between the state’s most populous city, Philadelphia, and the state capital, Harrisburg, is attractively positioned along a key transportation route from Central to Eastern Pennsylvania.

It also gave its name to the now-defunct Reading Railroad, which transported anthracite coal from the Pennsylvania Coal Region to the eastern United States via the Port of Philadelphia.


Each component of our entire canopy system is made to function as a whole and in unison. The safety measures taken at the connecting locations go above and beyond what is required by law.

Our technology is capable of managing any load scenario throughout the entire continent when necessary.
We employ a qualified engineer in each of the 50 states to make sure the product is fair and well-designed.

For your business property in Reading, Pennsylvania, we combine our own, custom-built extrusions with pre-engineered, patented systems to offer a smooth, integrated solution. Others opt to use a completely formed canopy system, while some individuals prefer to purchase pre-made components and piece them together, occasionally using parts that don’t fit.

Metal Canopies in Reading, PA

Design Canopies supplies Reading clients with architectural metal canopies for their commercial property. Our canopies are specifically designed to fit your spatial and functional needs. We carry a wide selection of canopy styles, from aluminum sunshades to storefront extrusions.

Each canopy is engineered with drainage and load-bearing support, requiring minimal maintenance throughout the year. Our canopy design specialists in Reading, PA, can help you find the perfect canopy to suit your property. Contact us today to set up a free consultation!

Reading, PA Storefront Awnings

Our commercial awnings in Reading, PA, are an easy way to enhance your business building’s curb appeal while protecting your entryways. Design Canopies can provide you with a personalized storefront awning that blends seamlessly with your existing facade.

When purchasing one of our aluminum awnings, you can choose from over 30 color options, ensuring your design reflects the style of your brand. With our commercial awnings in Reading, PA, the front of your store will remain dry and shaded, offering relief for customers and employees alike.

Get in touch with us today to request a quote on a custom storefront awning for your Reading business.

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