Newark, DE Commercial Architectural Canopies


The University of Delaware is in Newark (UD). The school has programs in many different fields, but its business, chemical engineering, chemistry, and biochemistry programs are probably the most well-known. This is because the chemical and pharmaceutical industries have always been strong in Delaware.

The Princeton Review ranked the graduate engineering program at UD as the 11th best in the country in 2006. Main Street in Newark is popular with both University of Delaware students and Newark residents because it has a lot of restaurants and shops.

Newark, DE Top-Quality Canopies

Our whole canopy system is designed and made so that each part fits perfectly with the others so that the whole thing works well. The connecting points have more safety features than what the law requires.

When needed, our system can handle any load situation on the whole continent.
We hire a third-party engineer who is licensed in all 50 states to make sure the product is fair and well-designed.

Our own custom-made extrusions and pre-engineered proprietary systems work together to make a seamless, integrated solution for your Newark, DE commercial property. Others buy materials off the shelf and put them together, sometimes with parts that don’t fit, while thinking about a fully engineered canopy system.

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