Logan, NJ Commercial Architectural Canopies

Logan, NJ Aluminum Commercial Canopies


When selecting a canopy for your commercial storefront, it’s critical to choose a model that is strong enough to last for years. That’s why we use a hefty aluminum base for all of our canopies. The thick aluminum base has the durability and strength to endure the elements, preventing it from weakening over time.

Our aluminum commercial canopies are the perfect choice when upgrading your commercial facility. These extensions create a welcoming entrance for any potential customers . A canopy can also let you utilize outdoor space that was previously unavailable. Whether you’re looking to create an outdoor dining space or a protected courtyard, our canopies are a great solution. 

On top of the aluminum base, we offer color finishes for you to choose from. Our standard finishes include a clear adonized coat, a white baked enamel, and a bronze baked enamel. Within our Kynar coats, we offer 25 different colors so you can always find the perfect finish to match your facility.





LOGAn, NJ Top-Quality Architectural Canopies

 Design Canopies offers stunning architectural canopies for businesses in the Logan, NJ area. Safety is our number one priority when engineering our canopies. We use the help of third-party engineers who are experts in their field and accredited in all 50 states. Together, we make sure every canopy is up-to-date on mandates and regulations. 

Our canopies are specifically designed with durability in mind. We want to make sure your facilities stay protected for years to come. We combine our custom-made extensions with patented, foolproof systems that keep them attached.  




Logan, NJ Architectural Canopies
Logan, NJ Commercial Canopies


Logan is a township in New Jersey with an approximate population of 6,000. The township is located along the banks of the Delaware River and offers a variety of landscapes ranging from farmland to industrial and commercial spaces. The name “Logan” originates from Alexander Logan, an American General. Popular sights in Logan Township include The Village Pub and Bridgeport Speedway, a racetrack that features the Super DIRTcar Series.

Design Canopies is the leading provider of commercial canopies in Logan, NJ. We boast a wide selection of models, capable of meeting any of your individual needs. Whether you are trying to provide shade, protection from the elements, or an eye-catching storefront, Design Canopies is your solution. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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