Lancaster, PA Commercial Architectural Canopies


Lancaster is a city in South Central Pennsylvania that is also called the “Red Rose City.” It is the county seat of Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County and one of the oldest towns in the United States.

Healthcare, tourism, public administration, manufacturing, and both professional and semi-professional services are the main industries in the city. Lancaster is best known as the center of Amish Country in Pennsylvania. There are art, craft, and history museums in the city of Lancaster.

The Demuth Museum is in the home of the famous 20th-century painter Charles Demuth. Demuth was known all over the country for his work. The Lancaster Museum of Art and the Philips Museum of Art on the campus of Franklin & Marshall College are two more places to see art.

Lancaster, PA Top-Quality Canopies

Our whole canopy system is made so that each part fits perfectly with the others and works well as a whole. There are more safety features at the connecting points than the law requires.

When necessary, our system can handle any load situation on the whole continent.
To make sure the product is fair and well-designed, we hire an engineer who is licensed in all 50 states.

Our own custom-made extrusions and pre-engineered proprietary systems work together to give your commercial property in Lancaster, PA a seamless, integrated solution. Others buy materials off the shelf and put them together, sometimes with pieces that don’t fit, while thinking about a fully engineered canopy system.

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