Cape May, NJ Commercial Architectural Canopies


Cape May is a city in New Jersey with a population of 2,768. Being a popular summer destination, the summer population can jump all the way to 50,000. It is one of the oldest resorts in the country and the city is home to almost 600 preserved Victorian buildings. Cape May is known for great food, wineries, and classic jazz festivals. Many people regard Cape May as the hidden gem of the Jersey Shore, with its quaint shopping districts and a historic charm.

With hot summers and unpredictable weather, a canopy can be a great help to businesses in Cape May. Our commercial canopies can protect your facility and customers from sun exposure and rainfall. Call today to schedule a consultation! 

Cape May, NJ Commercial Canopies
Cape May, NJ Aluminum Commercial Canopies


Our aluminum commercial canopies are durable and capable of withstanding years of wear and tear. Our metal material supports a heavy load, meaning it never loses structure even during heavy rain or snowstorms. With an aluminum canopy, you never have to worry about taking it down, it becomes a permanent feature of your facility.

Not only are our canopies functional, but they also look great. A canopy can enhance curb appeal, helping your business stand out and attract customers. With a canopy, you can even expand into outdoor space without worrying about the weather. 

We also offer colored coatings for our canopies, helping to seamlessly match them with your building. We have 28 different finishes for you to choose from, so you are guaranteed to find the perfect solution for your facility.





CAPE MAY, NJ Top-Quality Architectural Canopies


Design Canopies specializes in creating architectural commercial canopies that take your storefront to the next level. All of our architectural canopies are designed and engineered according to local building codes. Our accredited engineers make sure everything passes and exceeds safety regulations. 

Our architectural canopies come in a number of models that provide different aesthetic appeal and functionality to your facility. Whether you need specific sun control canopies or extruded walkways with post support, we have anything your Cape May business facility may require.




Cape May, NJ Architectural Canopies
Outdoor Canopy and Awning Installation in Cape May, NJ<br />

Outdoor Canopy and Awning Installation in Cape May, NJ


Is your business yearning for more outdoor spaces due to a lack of shade and protection from the elements like rain, sun, snow, and other conditions? Do you have a commercial business that could use a boost in outdoor aesthetic value with the addition of awnings or canopies? Well, get ready to be excited, because our team at Design Canopy is now offering our professional awning and canopy installation services for local business owners in Cape May, NJ.

This area is already packed full of fun opportunities to hang out, and with our services, you can transform your space into a vibrant outdoor oasis. Don’t wait, call us now for our services in Cape May, NJ.




Canopy and Awning Installation Company in Cape May, NJ


Do you own a commercial business in Cape May, NJ, and want to increase your aesthetically appeal and provide a relaxing environment outdoors for your employees? With Design Canopy, we can help you by providing you with the perfect outdoor functional structure. Our canopy and awning installation services are unlike anything you have seen before. With our services, we will consulate with our clients so they receive the perfect custom awning and canopy solutions for your business in Cape May, NJ. If you are ready to take your outdoor spaces to the next level, then call our team now.




Canopy and Awning Installation Company in Cape May, NJ<br />

ARCHITECTURAL CANOPies & Awnings in Cape May, NJ

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